Emmelianna Kumar

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The European Environment Agency (The Weybridge + 15 (1996-2011) report. EEA Technical report, vol 2. Copenhagen, 2012) and the United Nations Environment programme together with the World Health Organisation (State of the science of endocrine disrupting chemicals-2012. Geneva, Switzerland) both recently published major and highly authoritative reviews of(More)
It has been suggested that autism-specific imitative deficits may be reduced or even spared in object-related activities. However, most previous research has not sufficiently distinguished object movement reenactment (learning about the ways in which object move) from imitation (learning about the topography of demonstrated actions). Twenty children with(More)
Muscari comosum, Liliaceae, in the Food Habits of South Italy~.--Since the beginnings of agriculture (about 10 000 years ago) many plants have been cultivated and improved, while others have continued to be harvested from the wild. Some rural communities continue to use undomesticated plants collected in their wild habitat. We are studying some plants used(More)
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