Emmanuelle Sacco

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Exopolymers from a diverse collection of marine and freshwater bacteria were characterized by pyrolysis-mass spectrometry (Py-MS). Py-MS provides spectra of pyrolysis fragments that are characteristic of the original material. Analysis of the spectra by multivariate statistical techniques (principal component and canonical variate analysis) separated(More)
The last step of peptidoglycan polymerization involves two families of unrelated transpeptidases that are the essential targets of β-lactam antibiotics. D,D-transpeptidases of the penicillin-binding protein (PBP) family are active-site serine enzymes that use pentapeptide precursors and are the main or exclusive cross-linking enzymes in nearly all bacteria.(More)
  • D Addessi, S Marfia, E Sacco, J Toti
  • 2014
Different scale approaches, micromechanical, multiscale and macromechanical or phenomenological, are presented to study the structural response of masonry elements. First, a micromechanical model is introduced and the masonry is considered to be a heterogeneous material, made of mortar and bricks joined by interfaces, where the mortar-brick decohesion(More)
The aim of the present work is to propose a new micro-mechanical model in the context of the deductive approach used to derive interface models. This model, based on a previous study introduced previously by A. Rekik and F. Lebon [31, 32], is used to reproduce the damage in masonry by combining structural analysis and homogenization methods. The focal point(More)
  • S Marfia, E Sacco, J Toti, Sommario
  • 2011
In the present work, a new model of the FRP-concrete or masonry interface, which accounts for the coupling occurring between the degradation of the cohesive material and the FRP detachment, is presented; in particular, a coupled interface-body nonlocal damage model is proposed. A nonlocal damage and plasticity model is developed for the quasi-brittle(More)
  • S Marfia, E Sacco, J Toti, Riassunto
  • 2010
Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) can be used for strengthening concrete or masonry constructions. One of the main problem in the use of FRP is the possible detachment of the reinforcement from the support material. This paper deals with the modeling of the FRP-concrete or masonry damage interface, accounting for the coupling occurring between the degradation(More)
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