Emmanuelle Rossini

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The intellectual functioning of 105 inpatients with multiple personality disorder and dissociative disorder not otherwise specified was assessed using the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale-Revised as part of a comprehensive research protocol. There were no significant intellectual differences between the groups on any major intelligence quotient summary(More)
The major structural aspect of the Trail Making Test, length of drawn lines needed to complete the tests, was measured and compared for the adult and school-aged child versions. Trail Making B is a markedly longer test than Trail Making A, 32% for adults and 27% for school-aged children. The interpretive assumptions that Trail Making B differs from Trail(More)
We evaluated the concurrent validity of the revised Bender-Gestalt emotional indicators (Koppitz, 1975) among three groups of children in the 7- to 10-year age range: adjustment disorder, behavior disorder, and normal control. The concurrent validity of the emotional indicators total score was demonstrated. Notably, with the developmental level controlled,(More)
We surveyed 185 clinical psychology doctoral programs accredited by the American Psychological Association to examine whether and how group psychotherapy was taught. While respondents of all Psy.D: programs to the survey offered a course in group psychotherapy, less than one-third of Ph.D. programs offered one. Among programs that offered a course in group(More)
We investigated the 30-min. temporal consistency and temporal stability of three focal scales for measuring stress: the Cognitive Anxiety Scale-State, the Focusing Inventory Scale-State, and the Somatic Symptom Scale-State. These scales are applicable for individually measured reduction in stress in research on outcome with older adolescents and adults. All(More)
The reliability coefficients of the normative WISC-R factors (Verbal Comprehension, Perceptual Organization, Freedom from Distractibility) were computed for each age level of the standardization sample from a formula provided by Tellengen and Briggs (1967). Results indicated that the Verbal Comprehension and Perceptual Organization factors possess generally(More)
The temporal consistency of the WAIS-R Memory/Freedom from Distractibility factor and its intrafactorial components were measured over a 4-wk. period in a nonclinical sample of 22 undergraduates. A modest but significant consistency coefficient of .49 was obtained for Memory/Freedom from Distractibility. Neither intrafactorial component manifested(More)
The concurrent validity of Hutt's (1977) empirical psychopathology scale of the Bender Visual-Motor Gestalt Test was evaluated among three groups of younger school-aged children within the 7-to-10- year age range (M = 109.1): adjustment disordered, conduct disordered, and nonclinical controls (n = 40/group). Excellent interscorer reliability was achieved(More)
We surveyed the 71 doctoral programs in counseling psychology approved by the American Psychological Association to examine whether and how group counseling or therapy was taught. Responses from 31 programs listed at least one graduate course in group counseling; over half offered more than one. In most cases the introductory course was required. Analysis(More)