Emmanuelle Quillérou

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Over the past decades fisheries policies have been mainly aimed at encouraging capacity reduction in over-exploited fisheries. Correspondingly, research has focused on developing incentives to exit fisheries rather than investigating entry behaviour. However, with ageing and also fewer fishery participants, concern regarding sectoral renewal is increasing.(More)
The effects of zero tillage and residue conservation in continuous maize-cropping systems are poorly documented, especially in the tropics, and are expected to vary highly with climatic conditions and nitrogen availability. In the present study, maize was cultivated during the wet and dry seasons in central Mexico for three consecutive years, under(More)
Fishing capacity management policies have been traditionally implemented at national level with national targets for capacity reduction. More recently, capacity management policies have increasingly targeted specific fisheries. French fisheries spatially vary along the French coastline and are associated to specific regions. Capacity management policies,(More)
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