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Many studies have shown effects of plants species on fungal communities, but these are often confounded with soil effects. Thus, the specific role of plant species in structuring rhizospheric and soil fungal communities is poorly described. Our study used microcosms in which plants were grown under artificial conditions to bridge this gap. Two perennial(More)
The role of S in legume growth, N uptake, and N2 fixation was investigated using white clover (Trifolium repens L.) as a model species. We examined whether the effect of sulphate addition on N fixation resulted from a stimulation of host plant growth, a specific effect of S on nodulation, or a specific effect of S on nodule metabolism. Clones of white(More)
Plant nutrition strategies play a crucial role in community structure and ecosystem functioning. However, these strategies have been established only for nitrogen (N) acquisition, and it is not known whether similar strategies hold for other macronutrients such as sulphur (S). The aim of our study was to determine whether strategies for S acquisition of(More)
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