Emmanuelle Marchand

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The existence of the solution to an elliptic system arising in electrochemical modelling is proven here. The elliptic system of interest here is composed of two diiusion equations; one of them is posed with a Dirichlet condition which couples it to the other equation on an interface, and a Signorini condition on one of the boundaries. The other one is posed(More)
There are two families of gradient-index functions of cylindrical type for which the differential equations of the rays can be completely integrated without any approximations. One of these has focusing properties within the medium and so can be considered for use in GRIN rods. Both examples can prove useful in the design of conventional types of optical(More)
The aim of this work is to nd a numerical approximation of the solution to an elliptic problem arising in electrochemical modelling. The non-linearity arising from the Signorini boundary condition is handled through an iterative procedure, for which we prove the convergence on the discrete problem obtained by a discretization by the nite volume method for a(More)
Optics in the Kodak Research Laboratories has largely paralleled the development of this field of science throughout this country and the rest of the world in the last half century. In the earlier part of this period, the emphasis was on geometrical optics and especially problems related to lens design and analysis. Later, frequency-response methods became(More)