Emmanuelle Kristensen

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OBJECTIVE Research suggests that group psychotherapy for adults with a history of child sexual abuse (CSA) is generally beneficial. Only few studies have included random assignment. This study compared the effects of analytic (A) and systemic group psychotherapy (S) on CSA. METHOD One hundred and fifty-one women with intrafamilial CSA were randomly(More)
Sexual function in 24 patients with major affective disorders who were given prophylactic lithium treatment was compared with that of a control group of surgical outpatients with no known psychiatric disease. Changes in sexual function during lithium treatment were also recorded retrospectively. Sexual dysfunctions were described by about one-fourth of both(More)
The purpose of the study was to examine the outcome of long-term lithium treatment in consecutively admitted affective disorder patients assigned to high and low serum lithium levels. A total of 91 patients were diagnosed according to DSM-III criteria and randomly allocated to two open treatment groups in which prophylactic lithium was administered in high(More)
59 outpatients with irritable bowel syndrome participated in a randomised double-blind trial. The patients in the treatment group received three biscuits daily each containing 10 g of ordinary miller's bran, whereas the patients in the control group received wheat biscuits of a similar appearance. The treatment period was 6 weeks. 52% of the patients in the(More)
The Event Related Potential P300 has been intensively studied for over forty years (Polish, 2012). It is elicited at each updating of the stimulus representation, reflecting a cascade of cognitive processes engaging attentional and memory mechanisms. This potential is a positive component, appearing 300ms after stimulus onset, with maximal amplitude in(More)
Cholinergic functions were studied in ten non-depressed healthy volunteers who were treated with 50 mg clomipramine daily for 3 weeks and subsequently with 100 mg daily for a further 3 weeks. Impairments in heart rate variation (HRV) at rest and standing, of the pupillary light response and of salivation were related to serum levels of clomipramine. Since(More)
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