Emmanuelle Devemy

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Although vitamin D deficiency is a common feature among patients presenting with active tuberculosis, the full scope of vitamin D action during Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) infection is poorly understood. As macrophages are the primary site of Mtb infection and are sites of vitamin D signaling, we have used these cells to understand the molecular(More)
E- and N-cadherin are related calcium-dependent cell adhesion molecules that exert an influence over multiple biological and disease processes. Antagonists of these cadherins can therefore be envisaged as therapeutically useful drugs. We have used phage display technology to discover such antagonists. A peptide phage library was screened against a chimeric(More)
PURPOSE In a departure from conventional strategies to improve treatment outcome for myeloid malignancies, we report the isolation of leukemia-specific peptides using a phage display library screened with freshly obtained human myeloid leukemia cells. RESULTS A phage display library was screened by 5 rounds of biopanning with freshly isolated human AML(More)
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