Emmanuelle Desnots

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BACKGROUND Human milk composition analysis seems essential to adapt human milk fortification for preterm neonates. The Miris human milk analyzer (HMA), based on mid-infrared methodology, is convenient for a unique determination of macronutrients. However, HMA measurements are not totally comparable with reference methods (RMs). OBJECTIVE The primary aim(More)
Perinatal undernutrition affects not only fetal and neonatal growth but also adult health outcome, as suggested by the metabolic imprinting concept. Although maternal milk is the only channel through which nutrients are transferred from mother to offspring during the postnatal period, the impact of maternal undernutrition on milk composition is poorly(More)
Although free amino acids (FAA) account for a small fraction of total nitrogen in mammalian milk, they are more abundant in human milk than in most formulas, and may serve as a readily available source of amino acids for protein synthesis, as well as fulfill specific physiologic roles. We used reversed phase Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography (UPLC)(More)
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