Emmanuelle Coelho Noronha

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Emerging evidence has shown that miRNAs are involved in human carcinogenesis as tumor suppressors or oncogenes. Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) located in pre-miRNAs may affect the processing and therefore, influence the expression of mature miRNAs. Previous studies generated conflicting results when reporting association between the hsa-miR-196a2(More)
The work studied behavioral and neurochemical alterations in 21-day-old pups, from both sexes (26 g on average) born from female Wistar rats administered daily with ethanol (0.5 or 4.0 g/kg, p.o.), for 30 days before mating, and throughout their gestational period. Ethanol administration continued from delivery up to weaning. The open field, elevated plus(More)
ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE Petiveria alliacea L. (tipi) a shrub from Phytolaccaceae family is popularly used in folk medicine for treating a wide variety of disorders in South and Central America. AIM OF THE STUDY To investigate the neuropharmacological properties on experimental animals. MATERIALS AND METHODS The acetate (FA), hexanic (FH),(More)
Recent studies have shown that some monoterpenes exert anxiolytic- and depressant-like actions, however, these effects from monoterpene 1,4-cineole are still unknown. This work aimed to study the effects of 1,4-cineole in classic animal models for depression- and anxiety-like behavior, specifically the elevated plus maze (EPM), hole board, open field,(More)
The acetate (FA), hexanic (FH), hydroalcoholic (FHA) and precipitated hydroalcoholic (FHAppt) fractions from the root of Petiveria alliacea L. were evaluated for antinociceptive effect using the abdominal constriction induced by acetic acid, hot-plate, formalin tests. The open field and rota rod tests were used to evaluate psychomotor function and(More)
The present work studied the effects of dopaminergic and muscarinic receptor agonists and antagonists on rat locomotor activity and catalepsy. Results showed that carbachol at the highest dose used (10 mg/kg, p.o.) decreased and pimozide at the dose used abolished locomotor activity. Atropine at a low dose (1 mg/kg, p.o.) increased and at a high dose(More)
Due to the conflicting results regarding the association between breast cancer and the GSTM1 null mutation, our aim was to research this association in a Brazilian population and correlations with smoking, reproductive history and several clinical pathologies. A case-control study was performed on 105 women with breast cancer and 278 controls. Extraction of(More)
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