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Serum calcium changes in severe pancreatitis were studied in 23 dogs. Twelve dogs underwent duodenotomy and served as controls. Pancreatitis was induced in the other 11 by autologous bile injection (1 ml/kg) into the pancreatic duct. Serum amylase, total calcium, ionized calcium, albumin, magnesium, chloride, phosphorous, parathyroid hormone (PTH), and(More)
Tissue factor pathway inhibitor (TFPI) is a newly identified inhibitor of proteases generated during activation processes. Several functional methods based on a chromogenic substrate technique measuring residual tissue thromboplastin/FVIIa catalytic activity using excess factor X and a chromogenic substrate for FXa have been published. Recently, a sandwich(More)
Although biotechnology has been useful in the development of new diagnostic methods and drugs for the management of cardiovascular disorders, there are several issues which raise certain questions on the global use of biotechnology based drugs and diagnostic methods (Piascik, 1991; Fareed, 1993a; Fareed, 1994a). The cost is rather prohibitive in the(More)
The national library of France (BnF) is in the process of setting up a digital preservation repository, named SPAR (Système de Préservation et d’Archivage Réparti – Distributed Preservation and Archiving System). The infrastructure for the system, bought in 2005, is designed to support 1,5 petabytes of storage by 2014. The software components of the system(More)
Recombinant hirudin is currently being developed as a potential prophylactic and therapeutic antithrombotic drug in various clinical indications such as angina and deep venous thrombosis. In this report, we have discussed the production of specific polyclonal antibodies to recombinant hirudin (rH) and the development of two ELISA methods to measure rH(More)
Through in depth studies, the biochemical pathways of hemostasis-related systems have been elucidated in terms of well-defined molecular mechanisms. The interrelationships of coagulation, fibrinolytic, kallikrein-kinin, platelets, prostaglandins, blood vessel, and complement systems are now well understood. Methods are currently developed to quantitate the(More)
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