Emmanuel Udoh

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The thermal properties of different clay samples obtained from locations in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria were investigated and compared, and in order to establish their suitability as building material from energy conservation point of view. The results showed that stoneware clay has the highest solar radiation absorptivity of 22.32 m(-1) while kaolin clay has(More)
  • Emmanuel Udoh
  • Database Technologies: Concepts, Methodologies…
  • 2009
INtrODUctION The capability of the Web to link information over the Internet has popularized computer science to the public. But it is the grid that will enable the public to exploit data storage and computer power over the Internet analogous to the electric power utility (a ubiquitous commodity). The grid is considered the fifth generation computing(More)
This paper describes the approach used to teach the database course to undergraduate majors. The curriculum is structured to provide two courses in sequence to teach the database technology to both the computer science (CS) and information systems (IS) majors in an integration-driven Oracle environment. In a team-oriented approach, a comprehensive project(More)
Cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT) are currently the two dominant Internet technologies, but cloud computing embodies the maturity of the computing field with its clear path to software generation, transmission, distribution and control. The growth and popularity of cloud-virtualized resources (infrastructure, platform and software), have been(More)
In the field of bioinformatics, small to large data sets of genes, proteins, and genomes are analyzed for biological significance. A technology that has been in the forefront of generating large amounts of gene data is the microarray or hybridization technique. It has been instrumental in the success of the human genome project and paved the way for a new(More)