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The ever-growing cloud computing and services provide dynamic intelligence and play an increasingly critical role in all aspects of our lives. By taking advantage of virtualized resources, cloud computing services presents an attractive means to address the challenges while realizing the potential of Mobile and Wireless Computing (MWC). The MWC paradigm can(More)
INtrODUctION The capability of the Web to link information over the Internet has popularized computer science to the public. But it is the grid that will enable the public to exploit data storage and computer power over the Internet analogous to the electric power utility (a ubiquitous commodity). The grid is considered the fifth generation computing(More)
INtrODUctION The free or open source software (OSS) movement , pioneered by Richard Stallman in 1983, is gaining mainstream acceptance and challenging the established order of the commercial software world. The movement is taking root in various aspects of software development, namely operating systems (Linux), Web servers (Apache), databases (MySQL), and(More)