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This paper proposes an alternative class of stochastic frontier estimators. Instead of making distributional assumptions on the error and efficiency component in the econometric specification of a cost function model (or any other model), this class is based on the idea that some observations contain more information about the true frontier than others. If(More)
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The advent of Internet banking and phone banking is changing the role of bank branches from a predominantly transaction based one to a sales-oriented role. This paper reports on an assessment of the branches of a Portuguese bank in terms of their performance in their new roles in three different areas: Their efficiency in fostering the use of new(More)
The efficiency literature, both using parametric and non-parametric methods, has been focusing mainly on cost efficiency analysis rather than on profit efficiency. In for-profit organisations, however, the measurement of profit efficiency and its decomposition into technical and allocative efficiency is particularly relevant. In this paper a newly developed(More)