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Where is the Land of Opportunity? The Geography of Intergenerational Mobility in the United States
We use administrative records on the incomes of more than 40 million children and their parents to describe three features of intergenerational mobility in the United States. First, we characterizeExpand
Income Inequality in the United States, 1913–1998
This paper presents new homogeneous series on top shares of income and wages from 1913 to 1998 in the United States using individual tax returns data. Top income and wages shares display a U-shapedExpand
Top Incomes in the Long Run of History
A recent literature has constructed top income shares time series over the long run for more than twenty countries using income tax statistics. Top incomes represent a small share of the populationExpand
Using Elasticities to Derive Optimal Income Tax Rates
This paper derives optimal income tax formulas using compensated and uncompensated elasticities of earnings with respect to tax rates. A simple formula for the high income optimal tax rate isExpand
The Elasticity of Taxable Income: Evidence and Implications
A central tax policy parameter that has recently received much attention, but about which there is substantial uncertainty, is the overall elasticity of taxable income. We provide new estimates ofExpand
How does your kindergarten classroom affect your earnings? Evidence from Project Star.
It is demonstrated that kindergarten test scores are highly correlated with outcomes such as earnings at age 27, college attendance, home ownership, and retirement savings, and it is documented that students in small classes are significantly more likely to attend college and exhibit improvements on other outcomes. Expand
Wealth Inequality in the United States Since 1913: Evidence from Capitalized Income Tax Data
This paper combines income tax returns with macroeconomic household balance sheets to estimate the distribution of wealth in the United States since 1913. We estimate wealth by capitalizing theExpand
The Elasticity of Taxable Income with Respect to Marginal Tax Rates: A Critical Review
This paper critically surveys the large and growing literature estimating the elasticity of taxable income with respect to marginal tax rates using tax return data. First, we provide a theoreticalExpand
Optimal Income Transfer Programs: Intensive Versus Extensive Labor Supply Responses
This paper investigates the optimal income transfer problem at the low end of the income distribution. The government maximizes a social welfare function and faces the traditional equity-efficiencyExpand
Is the United States Still a Land of Opportunity? Recent Trends in Intergenerational Mobility
We present new evidence on trends in intergenerational mobility in the U.S. using administrative earnings records. We find that percentile rank-based measures of intergenerational mobility haveExpand