Emmanuel Orvain

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On the one hand, multitouch tactile interfaces offer many advantages and are more and more widespread. Their use as 3D application interfaces are rather limited though, since they offer large horizontal flat projection surfaces that are not suited to many kinds of 3D operations. On the other hand, despite the many propositions that have been made over the(More)
Multitouch tactile technology is mostly restricted to 2D interaction, but interaction with 3D virtual environments has been studied for many years. We still have to hear of a single interface that would offer all the necessary degrees of freedom (DOF) in an intuitive enough way. The Cubtile is a novel interaction device that tries to take the strength of(More)
Multitouch tactile input, while having been in the research labs for quite some time, is just reaching the general public through well-known interfaces like mobile phones or multitouch tables. The technology, when used in the right context in the right way, is known to provide an intuitive manipulation of the synthetic -- mostly 2D -- content that is(More)
Multitouch tables are known to be well suited to small groups collaboration. However, as soon as several people stand on different sides of the table, their viewpoints on the content differ, which is especially disturbing when 3D perspective projection is used. To offer a collaborative platform combining both the strenghts of collaborative tactile(More)
This demonstration combines the cubtile, a new 3D multitouch device that expands tactile input from surface-only interaction to full-volume manipulation, with an augmented-reality-like setup that blends interaction and visualization spaces to put 3D objects between the user's hands.
The context of this work is to develop, adapt and integrate augmented reality related tools to enhance the emotion involved in cultural performances. Part of the work was dedicated to augmenting a stage in a live performance, with dance as an application case. In this paper, we present a milestone of this work, an augmented dance show that brings together(More)
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