Emmanuel Olusola Adu

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Adolescent and adult epileptics attending the Neurology Clinic were interviewed about their social problems. Forty-nine percent were attending normal school; a third of these believed that seizure disorder affected their school performance. Of 40% who had attended school but left, about half withdrew from school prematurely because of the frequency of their(More)
Technological change has become a most stable factor and ICT has intertwined with knowledge, making it dependent upon the technology. Through this alliance abstract knowledge has become the centre of the world's political economy replacing traditional concrete products. ICTs provide a means for overcoming historically intractable problems of isolation and(More)
In this paper we examine the impact of GSM on the economies of the rural dwellers in Nigeria, specifically, on job creation, time management, reduction in crime rate and their general income flow. Our study adopted a descriptive survey research design and data was collected using a questionnaire administered to one thousand respondents randomly selected(More)
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