Emmanuel Nossin

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From September 1990 to December 1994, the authors conducted an ethnobotanical survey within the population of Martinique. Two hundred and sixty-one plants used for medicinal purposes were gathered. It was possible to identify 251 species (96%). Traditional medicinal practices, although threatened by the modern pharmacopoeia, remain alive, especially among(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the procedures used by French anaesthesiologists in children undergoing MRI. METHODS A questionnaire was sent by Internet to every university hospital in France. Information concerning the specialty of the doctor in charge of the child, the age of the children, premedication, airway control, the agents used, presence of a specific(More)
"Chiniy-trèf" is a traditional medicinal preparation used in Martinique, French West Indies, for the prevention of all kinds of attempted poisoning and hex. It is produced by the maceration in alcohol (mostly rum) of larvae (caterpillars) of the butterfly Battus polydamas ssp. cebriones, feeding on the leaves of Aristolochia trilobata. Aristolochic acids I(More)
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