Emmanuel Mulo

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— Governing business compliance with regulations , laws, best practices, contracts, and the like is not an easy task, and so far there are only limited software products available that help a company to express compliance rules and to analyze its compliance state. We argue that today's SOA-based way of implementing and conducting business (e.g., using Web(More)
—Organizations today are required to adhere to a number of compliance concerns from laws, regulations and policies. Compliance is achieved through defining and implementing so-called controls within the organizations' business processes. Organizations that build their systems based on the process-driven SOA paradigm realize business processes through(More)
—It is significant for companies to ensure their businesses conforming to relevant policies, laws, and regulations as the consequences of infringement can be serious. Unfortunately, the divergence and frequent changes of different compliance sources make it hard to systematically and quickly accommodate new compliance requirements due to the lack of an(More)
Context: Ensuring software systems conforming to multiple sources of relevant policies, laws, and regulations is significant because the consequences of infringement can be serious. Unfortunately, this goal is hardly achievable due to the divergence and frequent changes of compliance sources and the differences in perception and expertise of the involved(More)
Development organizations and international nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) have been emphasizing the high potential of free and open source software (FOSS) for the less developed countries (LDCs). Cost reduction, less vendor dependency, and increased potential for local capacity development have been their main arguments. In spite of its advantages,(More)
An event-based solution that uses events to convey information to a monitoring tool is well suited to implementing a non-intrusive monitoring infrastructure. This enables an SOA system's stakeholders to observe the system aspects of interest to them. However, implementation of SOA today, let alone the monitoring infrastructure, is a complex task due to the(More)
Building reliable software is becoming more and more important considering that software applications are becoming pervasive in our daily lives. The need for more reliable software requires that, amongst others, it is adequately tested to give greater confidence in its ability to perform as expected. However, testing software becomes a tedious task as the(More)
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