Emmanuel Monod

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In this paper we examine an organizational discourse on radical transformation by identifying and analyzing management narratives claiming to be representative of different organizational stakeholders. We do this from the perspective of Stakeholder Agency Theory (Hills and Jones 1996) and by employing analytical approaches typical of hermeneutics,(More)
The principal purpose of this paper is to examine which research approaches are best suited for determining the requirements of the next generation of interactive interpretation support systems for cultural heritage site. We are optimistic that such systems if properly designed to exploit the potential of advanced information and communication technologies(More)
This paper is concerned with the evaluation and potential of IS for archaeology and cultural tourism. We call the support of cultural heritage communication with ICT “e-heritage systems” (e-HS). Many advanced ICTs are involved in cultural projects. In this paper we shall primarily focus on evaluating the a priori potential of e-HS for fully exploiting the(More)
Quelle est l'influence d'lnternet sur la performance de l'entreprise ? Cette ~tude pr(sente la relation entre les applications Internet (web, veille, commerce (lectronique, communication interne, coop(ration inter-entreprise) et la croissance et le profit des PME. Si un ~ impact ~ direct est testg, une relation indirecte fait dgalement l'objet d'un test ~(More)