Emmanuel Marchand

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In this paper, we present the project Urbi et Orbi, a framework to dynamically manage distributed virtual environments (DVEs). This framework relies on a dedicated scripting language, Goal, which is typed, object-oriented and dynamically bound. Goal is interpreted by the application hosted by each machine and is designed to handle efficiently both network(More)
In a radial gradient, the refractive index profile is normally represented by a polynomial with only even powers of r. If, however, odd powers of r are present in the representation, the effect on aberrations can be serious. A Wood lens serves as an example.
In Distributed Virtual Environments, each machine equally handles the communications over the network, provides the user with a view of the world, and processes her requests. A major issue is to ensure that the network communication does not hinder the interactivity between the machine and the user. In this paper, we present a program designed to achieve(More)
Expressions are derived for computing the mean and variance of the number of renewals in observation times of any length and for any values of the scaling parameter of the censored Poisson process. These results depend on certain identities involving the complex roots of unity. Computations show the oscillatory behavior to be expected when the average(More)