Emmanuel Letsu-Dake

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This paper provides an overview of a development program to design and certify an In-Trail Procedures (ITP) system for the Boeing 747-400 aircraft. ITP offers aircraft broader flexibility to change flight levels during oceanic flight. The classical elements of a Human Centered Design (HCD) process were integrated within a commercial systems engineering(More)
This work developed and evaluated a human-machine interface for the control of a roadable air vehicle (RAV), capable of surface driving, vertical takeoff, sustained flight, and landing. Military applications seek to combine the benefits of ground and air vehicles to maximize flexibility of movement but require that the operator have minimal pilot training.(More)
Cognitive abilities are diminished when individuals are deprived of sleep. Due to the safety risks posed while flying fatigued, the effectiveness of a nonintrusive pilot fatigue monitoring system was evaluated by classifying yoke inputs. An AUC value of 0.9 was achieved. Critically, the system remained unobtrusive to the pilots by passively observing yoke(More)
Data-driven charts (DDC) are electronic information charts that are drawn from an onboard chart database onto the installed forward displays in an aircraft flight deck. A DDC management system is intended to display only the electronic chart data which is relevant to a mission or flight on the moving map or navigation display. We anticipate that the utility(More)
Honeywell Aerospace performed a research study on behalf of the Federal Aviation Administration's NextGen Human Factors Division to investigate the strengths and weaknesses of manual entry as compared to loadable entry of uplinked clearances into the B-777 flight management system (FMS). Five flight crews flew an experimental scenario with Air Traffic(More)
Information automation systems are generally intended to support pilot tasks and improve flightcrew awareness and decision making, but not to directly control the aircraft or its systems. As a result these systems do not include cases where automation decisions and actions directly affect the aircraft performance, flight path or systems. Next Generation Air(More)
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