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Arrangement of chromatin in intact chicken erythrocyte nuclei was investigated by small angle neutron scattering. The scattering spectra have revealed that on the scales between 15 nm and 1.5 microm the interior of the nucleus exhibited properties of a mass fractal. The fractal dimension of the protein component of cell nucleus held constant at(More)
Nanocomposite materials based on highly stable encapsulated superparamagnetic iron oxide nanocrystals (SPIONs) were synthesized and characterized by scattering methods and transmission electron microscopy (TEM). The combination of advanced synthesis and encapsulation techniques using different diblock copolymers and the thiol-ene click reaction for(More)
Structural dynamics of a colloidal protein-mineral complex bestowing on calcium phosphate a high solubility in biological fluids 1(a) Network Structure of Poly(methyl methacrylate)-based Gels and Gel Electrolytes 1(a) Hydrodynamic effects in bicontinuous microemulsions measured by inelastic neutron scattering 1(a) Segmental dynamics of poly(methyl phenyl(More)
Smectic ordering in aqueous solutions of monodisperse stiff double-stranded DNA fragments is known not to occur, despite the fact that these systems exhibit both chiral nematic and columnar mesophases. Here, we show, unambiguously, that a smectic-A type of phase is formed by increasing the DNA's flexibility through the introduction of an unpaired(More)
The structure-directing influence of static and dynamic, i.e. rotating, magnetic fields on the orientational alignment of spindle-type hematite particles with a high aspect ratio is investigated. Structural characterization using electron microscopy and small-angle X-ray scattering confirms a nearly collinear particle arrangement with orientation of the(More)
We study the reorientation dynamics of liquid water confined in nanometer-sized reverse micelles of spherical and cylindrical shape. The size and shape of the micelles are characterized in detail using small-angle x-ray scattering, and the reorientation dynamics of the water within the micelles is investigated using GHz dielectric relaxation spectroscopy(More)
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