Emmanuel K. Akowuah

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A theoretical study on a novel planar waveguide surface Plasmon Biosensor is presented in this paper. The proposed biosensor has a configuration similar to the Otto excitation mechanism for surface Plasmon polaritons. The performance of the device with respect to key system parameters such as gap-width and device length is investigated using an eigenmode(More)
This paper presents a theoretical investigation of a novel holey fiber (Photonic Crystal Fiber (PCF)) multi-channel biosensor based on surface plasmon resonance (SPR). The large gold coated micro fluidic channels and elliptical air hole design of our proposed biosensor aided by a high refractive index over layer in two channels enables operation in two(More)
In this study, the relative sensitivity coefficient of the proposed hexagonal shaped photonic crystal fiber (PCF) has been investigated by employing the full vectorial finite element method (FEM ). Propagation loss and effective refractive index of 36 air holed PCF over wide wavelength range has been investigated. Also, the applications and the propagation(More)
A theoretical study on a dual channel planar waveguide surface plasmon biosensor is presented in this paper. The proposed device consists of a planar waveguide with two active regions. It has been demonstrated that the proposed waveguide sensor can be configured to operate in either multi analyte or self referencing mode. The channel discriminative property(More)
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