Emmanuel Jakobowicz

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Partial least squares (PLS) path modeling has found increased applications in customer satisfaction analysis thanks to its ability to handle complex models. A modified PLS path modeling algorithm together with a model building strategy are introduced and applied to customer satisfaction analysis at the French energy supplier Electricité de France. The(More)
PLS path modeling (Partial Least Squares path modeling) has found increased interests since being used in the context of marketing studies. In this paper, we use Monte Carlo simulation and real life datasets to investigate the effects of changes in the model specification or in the data. We first introduce PLS path modeling and some already well-known(More)
INTRODUCTION PLS path modeling is widely used in marketing applications. It is based on linear equations. However, in practical applications, many relations cannot be regarded as linear. For example, the relations between satisfaction and its attributes are nonlinear (Mittal et al., 1998). In this paper, we present a two step approach in order to include(More)
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