Emmanuel Iarussi

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We present an interactive drawing tool that provides automated guidance over model photographs to help people practice traditional drawing-by-observation techniques. The drawing literature describes a number of techniques to %support this task and help people gain consciousness of the shapes in a scene and their relationships. We compile these techniques(More)
Wire wrapping is a traditional form of handmade jewelry that involves bending metal wire to create intricate shapes. The technique appeals to novices and casual crafters because of its low cost, accessibility and unique aesthetic. We present a computational design tool that addresses the two main challenges of creating 2D wire-wrapped jewelry: decomposing(More)
Designers frequently draw curvature lines to convey bending of smooth surfaces in concept sketches. We present a method to extrapolate curvature lines in a rough concept sketch, recovering the intended 3D curvature field and surface normal at each pixel of the sketch. This 3D information allows to enrich the sketch with 3D-looking shading and texturing. We(More)
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