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The primary objective of this survey was to establish current practice in emergency departments in the UK. Variation in obtaining consent, how image collection is achieved, and the images stored were considered to be important outcomes. An initial postal questionnaire followed by phone survey posed questions about practical and procedural issues when(More)
At a conference held at Stony Brook University in December 2007, "Dangerous Trade: Histories of Industrial Hazard across a Globalizing World," participants endorsed a Code of Sustainable Practice in Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety for Corporations. The Code outlines practices that would ensure corporations enact the highest health and(More)
The article attempts to show how sociological approaches to public policy can be useful to understand the political specificity of the field of occupational health in France, although they remain rare on that question. They help us to understand how this field is structured through established compromises between interested parties including(More)
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