Emmanuel Haro-Poniatowski

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The Raman and ir spectra of a murine IgG2a monoclonal antibody molecule are reported. In accordance with previous studies on immunoglobulins, the secondary structure is predominantly of the beta-sheet type. The low frequency region of the Raman spectrum was also analyzed in detail. A structured band with two maxima near 43 and 94 cm(-1) was observed. This(More)
We report the synthesis of Bi nanoparticles (Bi NPs) using the M13 phage as scaffold. The p8 protein of the phage is functionalized with thiol groups of different lengths, and these thiolated regions act as nucleation centers for Bi(3+) ions. The size distribution, shape, and resilience to oxidation of the Bi NPs depend on the length of the thiol group(More)
We report the characterization of changes produced on germanium diselenide amorphous semiconductor thin films by a focused He-Ne laser beam. The diffraction pattern produced by the laser spot on the sample is studied as a function of the intensity and the irradiation time. At low intensities the state of polarization of the incident beam generates an(More)
We report phase conjugation in amorphous selenium thin films with a 25-mW He-Ne laser. The phase-conjugate signal exhibits a maximum efficiency of 18%. Gratings were recorded with spatial frequencies of 275 lines/mm. We have performed micro Raman spectroscopy measurements between and on the lines that form the grating, and the results reveal the presence of(More)
The thermally induced optical transmission changes upon melting and solidification of Bi nanostructures embedded in amorphous Al(2)O(3) thin films have been studied as a function of characteristic sizes in the range 7-35 nm. The results show a repeatable optical transmission-temperature hysteresis loop with sharp changes at the melting and solidification(More)
Quasi-percolated nanostructured silver thin films are used as the starting morphology for inducing simultaneously changes in shape and ordering effects by laser irradiation. The complex fingered nanostructures are transformed into nanospheres which in turn are arranged in micro-circular patterns when irradiated through a pinhole. These transformations are(More)
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