Emmanuel G. Collins

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In this chapter, a class of nonlinear time-delay systems based on the TakagiŽ . w x Sugeno T-S fuzzy model is defined 1 . We investigate the delay-independent stability of this model. A model-based fuzzy stabilization design utilizing Ž . the concept of parallel distributed compensation PDC is employed. The main idea of the controller design is to derive(More)
Many autonomous ground vehicle (AGV) missions, such as those related to agricultural applications, search and rescue, or reconnaissance and surveillance, require the vehicle to operate in difficult outdoor terrains such as sand, mud, or snow. To ensure the safety and performance of AGVs on these terrains, a terrain-dependent driving and control system can(More)
Skid-steered vehicles are often used as outdoor mobile robots due to their robust mechanical structure and high maneuverability. Sliding, along with rolling, is inherent to general curvilinear motion, which makes both kinematic and dynamic modeling difficult. For the purpose of motion planning, this paper develops and experimentally verifies dynamic models(More)
Terrain classification is key to using terrain-dependent control modes to improve performance of autonomous ground vehicles (AGVs). One of the most viable forms of terrain classification, reaction-based terrain classification, is subject to the problem of speed and load dependency, which requires collecting large data sets for algorithm training. The(More)
An industrial weigh belt feeder is used to transport solid materials into a manufacturing process at a constant feedrate. It exhibits nonlinear behavior because of motor friction, saturation, and quantization noise in the sensors, which makes standard autotuning methods difficult to implement. This paper proposes and experimentally demonstrates two types of(More)
Microgrids are a new concept for future energy distribution systems that enable renewable energy integration and improved energy management capability. Microgrids consist of multiple distributed generators (DGs) that are usually integrated via power electronic inverters. In order to enhance power quality and power distribution reliability, microgrids need(More)
This paper develops and experimentally demonstrates a robust automatic parallel parking algorithm for parking in tight spaces. Novel fuzzy logic controllers are designed for each step of the maneuvering process. The controllers are first demonstrated by simulation using the kinematic model of a skid steering autonomous ground vehicle (AGV). They are then(More)