Emmanuel Franck

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Procedures for maintaining Mycoplasma strains are described. Liquid nitrogen storage provided an adequate means for keeping stock cultures stable. Over 74 strains of approximately 26 species have been preserved in this way, some for as long as 9 years. Mycoplasma strains can also be recovered satisfactorily from the freeze-dried state when the procedure(More)
discretized with first order finite volume schemes. This problem is representative of many transport problems, such as transfer and neutron transport, for which the small parameter ε is the ratio of two very different sound velocities and σ is the absorption or the opacity. For simplicity both ε and σ > 0 are kept constant in space in this study. The system(More)
In this paper we propose an asymptotic preserving scheme for a family of Friedrichs systems on unstructured meshes based on a decomposition between the hyperbolic heat equation and a linear hyperbolic which not involved in the diffusive regime. For the hyperbolic heat equation we use asymptotic preserving schemes recently designed in [FHSN11]-[BDF11]. To(More)
A possible mechanism of edge localized modes (ELMs) mitigation by resonant magnetic perturbations (RMPs) is proposed based on the results of nonlinear resistive magnetohydrodynamic modeling using the jorek code, realistic JET-like plasma parameters and an RMP spectrum of JET error-field correction coils (EFCC) with a main toroidal number n=2 were used in(More)
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