Emmanuel Fernandes

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Hash functions play a fundamental role in cryptography, data integrity and digital signatures. They are a valuable tool for implementing authentication protocols for electronic and multimedia content. In this paper we define and study soft hash functions used to obtain digital fingerprints of 2D and 3D geometrical objects, based on the Radon Integral(More)
Reuse and share of learning objects are an important issue. We noticed that the learning object enriched by its Metadata is not sufficient for an easy reuse and most of the time their granularity is not enough thin. We try in this paper to insist on the importance of the context as well as the granularity for a best reuse. We will present a Semantic(More)
Reusing and adapting learning objects respectively in and to different contexts is one of the key issues of e-learning. In this article, we will describe Phoenix, our platform-free editor, designed to create, combine, recompose and enrich texts thus allowing for the elaboration of well targeted and contextually coherent pedagogical objects. Not only does it(More)
The huge and exponentially growing diversity of digital material confuses the users who are confronted to the difficulty of choosing the right and appropriate document or information. On the same way the federation of Learning Object Repositories could conduct to the same difficulty while wanting to obtain a critical mass of learning object in order to(More)
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