Emmanuel Elobu

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The common goal of surgical training is to provide effective, well-rounded surgeons who are capable of providing a safe and competent service that is relevant to the society within which they work. In recent years, the surgical workforce crisis has gained greater attention as a component of the global human resources in health problems in low- and(More)
Introduction. Surgical camps are preplanned activities where volunteer surgical teams congregate at specified place(s) and perform a wide range of mostly elective procedures for a limited period of time. This is usually at no cost to the patients, who belong to vulnerable (poor and hard to reach) communities. We describe a surgical camp model and its(More)
INTRODUCTION Ovarian metastases occur in 3 to 8% of women with primary colon cancer. In the setting of a pre-existing colorectal carcinoma this would constitute a hereditary non-polyposis colorectal cancer, Lynch 2 syndrome, accounting for 5 to 10% of colon cancer cases. We unveil a case of 'giant' ovarian tumors mimicking primary ovarian cancer; ostensibly(More)
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