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Assessing the Ability of LSTMs to Learn Syntax-Sensitive Dependencies
It is concluded that LSTMs can capture a non-trivial amount of grammatical structure given targeted supervision, but stronger architectures may be required to further reduce errors; furthermore, the language modeling signal is insufficient for capturing syntax-sensitive dependencies, and should be supplemented with more direct supervision if such dependencies need to be captured.
Epenthetic vowels in Japanese: A perceptual illusion?
In four cross-linguistic experiments comparing French and Japanese hearers, we found that the phonotactic properties of Japanese (very reduced set of syllable types) induce Japanese listeners to
Is numerical comparison digital? Analogical and symbolic effects in two-digit number comparison.
In 4 experiments of timed 2-digit number comparisons with a fixed standard, the findings of Hinrichs, Yurko, and Hu (1981) were extended with French Ss and contrary to the prediction of the interference model, presenting the units before the decades did not change the influence of units on RTs.
The bilingual brain. Proficiency and age of acquisition of the second language.
Findings suggest that, at least for pairs of L1 and L2 languages that are fairly close, attained proficiency is more important than age of acquisition as a determinant of the cortical representation of L2.
Anatomical variability in the cortical representation of first and second language
The hypothesis that first language acquisition relies on a dedicated left-hemispheric cerebral network, while late second language acquisition is not necessarily associated with a reproducible biological substrate is supported.
The native language of social cognition
Variations in accent are sufficient to evoke social preferences observed in infants before they produce or comprehend speech and are exhibited by children even when they comprehend the foreign-accented speech.
The zero resource speech challenge 2017
A new challenge aimed at discovering subword and word units from raw speech and constructing systems that generalize across languages and adapt to new speakers is described.
Libri-Light: A Benchmark for ASR with Limited or No Supervision
A new collection of spoken English audio suitable for training speech recognition systems under limited or no supervision, derived from open-source audio books from the LibriVox project, which is, to the authors' knowledge, the largest freely-available corpus of speech.
A robust method to study stress "deafness".
In five French-Spanish cross-linguistic experiments, stress "deafness" is shown to crucially depend upon a combination of memory load and phonetic variability in F0.