Emmanuel Damilano Dutra

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The decline in the use of fossil fuels in the future is due to the gradual depletion of their reserves and related environmental issues. Biofuels including ethanol are presented as a renewable alternative to fossil fuels. However, ethanol production, generally from sugarcane demands the use of agricultural land and other natural resources, with emphasis on(More)
The optimization of enzymatic hydrolysis, with high solids loading, of two species of cactus pear for bioethanol production was tested evaluating the influence of surfactant Tween 80 and pretreatment with H2O and H2SO4 (1% v/v) (50 °C, 150 rpm, 3 h). XRD and FTIR analyzes were performed. Afterwards, the influence of the factors cellulase (FPU g-1),(More)
In the present work, we evaluated the mineral composition of three sugarcane varieties from different areas in northeast Brazil and their influence on the fermentation performance of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. The mineral composition was homogeneous in the different areas investigated. However, large variation coefficients were observed for concentrations of(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate the influence of recycling the liquid fraction of pretreatment with alkaline hydrogen peroxide (AHP) on the hydrolysis of corn stover. Corn stover was pretreated in the traditional condition with 7.5% v/v H2O2. After pretreatment, the solids were separated from the liquid fraction and five successive reuse cycles of the(More)
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