Emmanuel Cantoni

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By means of the indirect immunoperoxidase method glucocorticoid receptor (GR) immunoreactive nerve cells of the lower brain stem and the spinal cord have been mapped out in the rat, using a monoclonal antibody against rat liver GR. The GR immunoreactivity was predominantly located within the nuclei of these nerve cell bodies but also in glial cells of the(More)
OBJECTIVE Perioperative hypothermia might be detrimental to the patient undergoing off-pump coronary artery bypass surgery. We assessed the efficacy of the Allon thermoregulation system (MTRE Advanced Technologies Ltd, Or-Akiva, Israel) compared with that of routine thermal care in maintaining normothermia during and after off-pump coronary artery bypass(More)
A total of 46 consecutive patients were entered into this study to assess the efficacy and toxicity of an epirubicin/ifosfamide combination in treating locally advanced and/or metastatic adult sarcomas (38 soft-tissue sarcomas and 7 bone sarcomas in 45 evaluable patients). Epirubicin was given at escalating doses (from 50 to 100 mg/m2) as an intravenous(More)
Over the past few years, beta-carotene has progressively gained ground as a drug chosen in the treatment of oral leukoplakias, thus making it possible to reduce the use of 13-cis-retinoic acid, which was shown by many studies to be highly toxic while beta-carotene has proved to have no significant side effects and hence to be much more suitable in oral(More)
This study describes the infectious complications in 68 heart-lung transplant patients. We focused interest on early post-transplant infections so called nosocomial pulmonary infections, their exacerbating cofactors their clinical expression, and elements of diagnosis and treatment. Furthermore we describe the principal infections seen during long-term(More)
A new technique allowing revascularization of the left coronary artery through a small thoracotomy after videoscopic harvesting of both mammary arteries is proposed in patients with total laryngectomy. This anterior thoracotomy approach, of real interest in patients with a preexisting tracheostomy, needs to be compared with a classic sternotomy in terms of(More)
Baseline selenium (Se) levels in serum samples were collected from 22 patients with precancerous and 19 with malignant oral cavity lesions as well as from 13 healthy controls of the same geographic areas. Mean serum Se levels were 105, 101, and 77.03 ng/ml in the precancerous, controls, and malignancy groups, respectively. A statistically significant(More)