Emmanuel C. Musaba

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BACKGROUND Few studies have measured female condom use for more than a 6-month period or among persons at high risk of STD. OBJECTIVE To measure long-term use of the female condom among couples at high risk of HIV infection and to evaluate the effect of female condom use on unprotected coital acts. STUDY DESIGN Ninety-nine Zambian couples with(More)
BACKGROUND Kaposi's sarcoma has features of both hyperplastic proliferation and neoplastic growth. Multiple lesions, in which spindle cells are prominent, often arise synchronously over widely dispersed areas. We tested the hypothesis that the spindle cells in these multicentric lesions originate from a single clone of precursor cells. METHODS To(More)
Kaposi's sarcoma is generally believed to be a non-neoplastic hyperproliferation because it may regress spontaneously and its spindle cells lack features of typical tumor cells, such as aneuploidy, nuclear atypia, and permissive growth in cell culture. A fundamental characteristic of neoplasms is clonality, in that they arise from clonal replication of a(More)
OBJECTIVES Few studies have evaluated the relation between male and female sexual behaviour and STD among married African women. The objectives of this study were to identify male and female sexual behaviour associated with female STD, and to explore whether incorporating male and female sexual behaviour and male symptoms can improve algorithms for STD(More)
Monoclonal antibodies against the lipooligosaccharide ofHaemophilus ducreyi were produced. Two of them, MAHD6 and MAHD7, were found to be relatively, although not absolutely, specific and reacted with nearly all strains ofHaemophilus ducreyi tested: 59 of 60 and 60 of 60, respectively. The diagnostic usefulness of MAHD7 was assessed. Clinical specimens(More)
This study assessed employee perceptions of service quality in the Namibian hotel industry using the SERVQUAL approach. The data for the study were collected from 77 employees drawn from two large hotels in Windhoek who were surveyed using a questionnaire covering five service quality dimensions of empathy, reliability, responsiveness, assurance and(More)
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