Emmanuel Bouix

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Handling the inter-flow synchronization (e.g. images and sound of a video) in distributed multimedia applications seems to be fundamental. In this paper, we propose a new component model, named OSAGAIA , in order to tackle synchronization between multimedia flows from the source (e.g. media capture) to the destination (e.g. media player). This model is made(More)
Needs of multimedia systems evolved due to the evolution of their architecture which is now distributed into heterogeneous contexts like the Internet network. A critical issue lies in the fact that they handle, process, and transmit multimedia data. This data integrates several properties which should be considered since it holds a considerable part of its(More)
Our research deals with distributed multimedia applications built on software components. Currently, multimedia data are omnipresent on the Internet. However, this network is not designed to support and transmit multimedia data. In this perspective, it is necessary to introduce quality of service management in this kind of applications. In this paper, we(More)
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