Emmanuel Boissard

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We propose an Individual-Based Model of ant-trail formation. The ants are modeled as self-propelled particles which deposit directed pheromone particles and interact with them through alignment interaction. The directed pheromone particles intend to model pieces of trails, while the alignment interaction translates the tendency for an ant to follow a trail(More)
In this paper we tackle the problem of comparing distributions of random variables and defining a mean pattern between a sample of random events. Using barycenters of measures in the Wasserstein space, we propose an iterative version as an estimation of the mean distribution. Moreover, when the distributions are a common measure warped by a centered random(More)
In this work, we provide non-asymptotic bounds for the average speed of convergence of the empirical measure in the law of large numbers, in Wasserstein distance. We also consider occupation measures of ergodic Markov chains. One motivation is the approximation of a probability measure by nitely supported measures (the quantization problem). It is found(More)
In this paper we study the Poincaré constant for the Gaussian measure restricted to D = R − B(y, r) where B(y, r) denotes the Euclidean ball with center y and radius r, and d ≥ 2. We also study the case of the l ball (the hypercube). This is the first step in the study of the asymptotic behavior of a d-dimensional Ornstein-Uhlenbeck process in the presence(More)
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