Emmanuel Bechet

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A numerical technique for non-planar three-dimensional linear elastic crack growth simulations is proposed. This technique couples the extended finite element method and the fast marching method. In crack modeling using the extended finite element method, the framework of partition of unity is used to enrich the standard finite element approximation by a(More)
In injection moulding processes such as Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM) for example, numerical simulations are usually performed with a fixed mesh, on which the displacement of the flow front is predicted by the numerical algorithm. During the injection, special physical phenomena occur on the front, such as capillary effects inside the fibre tows or heat(More)
For very deep submicron technologies, 45 nm and less, bridge defects are getting more and more complex and critical. In order to find the exact root cause, accurate defect localization, precise understanding on the nature of the defect and its impact on the fine electrical behaviour of the device are mandatory. At these ultimate technologic nodes, failure(More)
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