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Hypertension and related complications appear, from clinical impression, to be increasing problems in urban Ghanaians. In early 1973 we conducted a blood pressure survey in 20 rural Ghanaian villages to determine the prevalence of hypertension, in comparison with studies done in Accra residents and black Americans. Rural Ghanaians had mean systolic and(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE We sought to determine the crude incidence rate, patterns, and risk factors associated with different types of stroke in a defined Saudi population. METHODS Records of 500 (342 male, 158 female) consecutive patients with first-ever stroke admitted from December 1982 to June 1992 in a hospital that exclusively serves the Saudi(More)
In a medical survey of an urban population in Ghana, abnormal cardiovascular findings were present in 25% of the population aged from 15 to 64 years. This was largely due to hypertension and to cardiomegaly of obscure origin. The prevalence of valvular heart disease was comparatively low. Abnormal cardiovascular findings were commonest in the lowest third(More)
The association between alcohol consumption and hypertension was studied in 11,899 men aged 40-55 years. The prevalence of hypertension among heavy drinkers was significantly higher than among those who did not drink heavily. Heavy drinking was defined as consumption of five or more drinks daily or four or more drinks daily. A total of 136 persons fulfilled(More)
The various methods used to treat cutaneous leishmaniasis (CL) have not given consistent results. The aim of the present study was to compare the efficacy of a solution of meglumine antimoniate (MA; 85 mg Sb/ml) given intralesionally (i.l.) with that of the same solution given intramuscularly (i.m.). Eighty CL patients, with a total of 147 lesions, were(More)
Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infection is an established nosocomial pathogen, with hospital-based outbreaks occurring worldwide. An increase in MRSA infections without risk factors has been recently documented in several reports. A prospective study was conducted over a 36-month period to determine the prevalence and risk factors for(More)
High school students who had at least one parent with hypertension (n = 22) were compared to schoolmates of the same age with a negative family history of hypertension in the parents (n = 21). We investigated in both groups the maximal rate of the ouabain-sensitive Na pump and the Na-K cotransport in nystatin-loaded cells and the Lii-Nao countertransport in(More)
Epidemiological studies have shown a consistent downward trend in the incidence and mortality of stroke in industrialized communities. There are however no reports on the pattern of stroke in Saudi nationals and expatriates in Saudi Arabia. The types and etiologies in 372 subjects (262 Saudis, 110 non-Saudis) are described. Males outnumbered females in the(More)
BACKGROUND The epidemiology of stroke at different geographical locations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has not been adequately investigated. METHODS In this study, clinical types and risk factors of stroke were compared among patients at low-altitude (Riyadh, 620 m) and high-altitude (Al Baha > 2000 m) areas using a case-control study design.(More)