Emmanuel B. Etuk

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Blood chemistry, haematology, relative carcass and organ weights of finisher broilers feed breadfruit hull (BFH) as replacement for palm kernel cake and wheat bran were studied. Sixty-three, 4 weeks old Marshal Broilers were divided into 3 groups of 21 birds, and each group replicated thrice. Each group was assigned to one experimental diet in a completely(More)
Hidradenoma papilliferum is a known example of adnexal skin tumours with apocrine differentiation. It is a rare benign tumour which tends to arise from areas with rich concentration of aporine glands such as anogenital region, vulval, perineal, axillae, and periumbilical areas. In this report, the tumour was found in the upper outer quadrant of left breast,(More)
A study on blood chemistry, haematology and ileal bacterial count of broilers fed fermented mixture of grated cassava tubers and palm kernel cake (FCP-mix) as a replacement for maize at 0, 25, 50, 75 and 100% levels of inclusion was undertaken. One hundred and eighty (180) 7-day-old broiler chickens were divided into six groups of 30 birds, and each group(More)
The, entrepreneurial characteristics marketing strategies, poultry drugs distribution methods and constraints were studied among 110 poultry enterprises in Imo State, Nigeria. Ten types of poultry businesses were identified with commercial feeds retailing, egg and broiler productions being the most frequently practiced (18.1, 15.3 and 15.2% respectively).(More)
Velvet bean (Mucuna pruriens) is a tropical legume, which has potential as an energy and protein supplement in livestock feeds. Unfortunately, the use of raw velvet bean in non-ruminant feeding is limited because of its content of anti-nutritional factors. A 42-day feeding trial was conducted to determine the response of growing pigs to diets containing(More)
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