Emmanuel Anim-Danso

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A focused library of methacrylate terpolymers was synthesized to explore the effects of varying surface chemistry and adhesive peptide ligands on cell function. The chemical diversity of methacrylate monomers enabled construction of a library of polymers in which one can systematically vary the chemical composition to achieve a wide range of contact angle,(More)
Considering the importance of salt and water on earth, the crystallization of salt hydrates next to solid surfaces has important implications in physical and biological sciences. Heterogeneous nucleation is driven by surface interactions, but our understanding of hydrate formation near surfaces is limited. Here, we have studied the hydrate formation of(More)
The design of anti-icing surfaces presents an interface with high causal density that has been challenging to quantify in terms of individual contributions of various interactions and environmental factors. In this commentary, we highlight the role of interfacial water structure as uniquely expressing the physico-chemical aspects of ice accretion. Recent(More)
BACKGROUND Hard water is associated with atopic dermatitis (eczema). We wanted to determine if a baby cleanser and its individual components altered free ionized calcium (Ca2+) in a simulated hard water baby bath. For these studies, an in vitro determination of free Ca2+ in a simulated hard water baby bath, and an in vivo exploratory study of free Ca2+(More)
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