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The usage of the Tor network, has introduced a new malware paradigm that could also threaten mobile security and privacy. In the recent past months there have been only two cases of Tor-enabled malware spotted in the wild. In both cases, the malware used Tor for secondary operations and was not built around Tor from the ground up, limiting the potential(More)
This paper presents a novel approach for quantifying the security of specific services as well as that of a whole organisation. This is done by reducing the security of any service to five selected security factors which can be measured by posing questions with objective answers. The security of any specific service is the weighted average of those five(More)
Disaster Recovery Infrastructures, which become an important part of all major IT infrastructures, are usually implemented in a stand-by mode, anticipating a disaster to justify their existence. This paper suggests the transformation of existing High Availability Standby Systems to fully Fault Tolerant Production Infrastructures in order to increase(More)
Social Lending is one of the latest trends in Social Networking, offering a communication and financial channel between individual borrowers and lenders. The various Social Lending transaction schemes could be subject to multiple security threats, in both financial and technical terms, which could affect the integrity of the service as well as the trust of(More)
This paper presents the use of overlay networks as a tool to confront the consequences of extreme network attacks. In particular, it suggests the use of disaster recovery sites, which are becoming a common practice of all major IT infrastructures. The main goals of this attempt are to enable IT infrastructures to deal with severe network attacks such as(More)
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