Emmanouil Palaios

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BACKGROUND The aim of our study was to examine the feasibility of allogeneic uterine transplantation in a large animal model. METHODS We performed heterotopic uterine transplants in genetically defined mini-pigs. Immunosuppression was tacrolimus administered intravenously for the first 12 days posttransplantation followed by oral cyclosporine maintenance(More)
Gas gangrene is a rare and devastating infectious process that can occur after liver transplantation, most often following hepatic artery thrombosis. We here report 3 cases of gas gangrene following orthotopic liver transplantation. Blood cultures were positive for Clostridium clostridiiforme in one case. In 2 other cases liver tissue from explanted(More)
Intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma (ICC) is well known to have a very poor prognosis. Aggressive surgical strategies in the treatment of ICC, including major hepatectomy, have been reported to afford patients the best chance for significant survival. Recent advancements in surgical techniques concerning live donor liver transplantation have dramatically(More)
BACKGROUND Hepatic artery thrombosis after liver transplantation is a devastating complication associated with ischemic cholangiopathy that can occur even after successful revascularization. This study explores long-term outcomes after hepatic artery thrombosis in adult liver transplantation recipients, focusing on the probability, risk factors, and(More)
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