Emmanouil Nikoloudakis

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Geometry students, while moving from junior high-school to Lyceum, gradually cease to deal with practical topics and have to confront with other topics of theoretical nature. Worldwide research has shown that Lyceum students have great difficulty in writing formal proofs in geometry, particularly when traditional teaching methods are employed in the(More)
Research activity in the field of assisted human navigation during the past few years has been increasing drastically. There exist, and will appear even more, areas where electronically assisted navigation is becoming an important part of Ubiquitous System solution. Already, electronic navigation devices have strongly influenced the procedure of human(More)
The ubiquitous intelligence vision requires the development of systems that integrate sensing, computing and networking with advanced techniques for data and knowledge representation and management. Taking advantage of these opportunities, this paper presents a context-aware navigation guide, strongly connected to the semantics of user profile. Our(More)
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