Emmanouil I. Marakakis

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This paper presents a set of schemata that support stepwise top-down design of logic programs using abstract data types (ADTs). There are thus three main components to this approach: top-down design, program schemata and ADTs, all of which are already well established notions. Our aim is to combine these ideas in a framework, amenable to support by design(More)
This paper presents an interactive verifier for logic programs. These logic programs are constructed by a schema-based method. Each program is associated with proof schemes due to the program development method. The correctness proof of a program is guided by its associated proof schemes. The main components of the verifier are the prover which carries out(More)
This paper studies the problem of removing unused arguments from logic programs which have been constructed by a schema-based method. Our schemabased method constructs logic programs semiautomatically. These programs have clear structure which depicts the design decisions that have been taken for their construction. On the other hand, these programs have(More)
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