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Using the Hough transform to segment ultrasound images of longitudinal and transverse sections of the carotid artery.
Automatic segmentation of the arterial lumen from ultrasound images is an important task in clinical diagnosis. In this paper, the Hough transform (HT) was used to automatically extract straightExpand
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Robust Carotid Artery Recognition in Longitudinal B-Mode Ultrasound Images
Automatic segmentation of the arterial lumen from ultrasound images is an important task in clinical diagnosis. Carotid artery recognition, the first task in lumen segmentation, should be performedExpand
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Evaluating the effect of various background correction methods regarding noise reduction, in two-channel microarray data
In this work, two novel background correction (BC) methods, along with several commonly used ones, are evaluated regarding noise reduction in eleven two-channel self-versus-self (SVS) hybridizations.Expand
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A Composite Framework for the Statistical Analysis of Epidemiological DNA Methylation Data with the Infinium Human Methylation 450K BeadChip
High-throughput DNA methylation profiling exploits microarray technologies thus providing a wealth of data, which however solicits rigorous, generic, and analytical pipelines for an efficient systemsExpand
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Analysis of DNA methylation epidemiological data through a generic composite statistical framework
DNA methylation events represent epigenetic heritable modifications that regulate gene expression by affecting chromatin remodeling. They are encountered more often in CpG rich promoter regions,Expand
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Identifying gender independent biomarkers responsible for human muscle aging using microarray data
The scope of this study is the identification of gender-independent muscle transcriptional differences between younger and older subjects using skeletal muscle gene expression profiles. Towards thisExpand
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The ultra-sensitive Nodewalk technique identifies stochastic from virtual, population-based enhancer hubs regulating MYC in 3D: Implications for the fitness of cancer cells
The relationship between stochastic transcriptional bursts and dynamic 3D chromatin states is not well understood due to poor sensitivity and/or resolution of current chromatin structure-basedExpand
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cDNA microarray analysis of a glucocorticoid treated acute lymphoblastic leukemia cell line
The objective of the present study was the analysis of microarray data from a T-cell leukemia cell line (CCRF-CEM), treated with two different prednisolone concentrations, using four differentExpand
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Derivation of Cancer Related Biomarkers from DNA Methylation Data from an Epidemiological Cohort
DNA methylation profiling methods exploit microarray technologies and provide a wealth of high-volume data. This data solicits generic, analytical pipelines for the meaningful systems-level analysisExpand
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