Emmanouil Dassenakis

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The content and distribution of heavy metals in sediments of the intermittent and contaminated Asopos River, located in Central Greece, was assessed by means of total dissolution, dilute acid and sequential extraction procedures. Mineral magnetic properties were used as proxy parameters of transport mechanisms of land-derived material to the sea. The(More)
Dietary intake is a major route of human exposure to perfluoroalkylated substances (PFASs). However, the available information on PFAS levels in food, including chicken eggs, is limited. In the present study, home produced and commercially produced eggs (organic, battery and free range eggs) were collected from the Netherlands (n = 95) and Greece (n = 76).(More)
In the present study 11 perfluoroalkylated substances (PFASs) were analysed in drinking tap water samples from the Netherlands (n = 37) and from Greece (n = 43) by applying LC-MS/MS and isotope dilution. PFASs concentrations above the limit of quantification, LOQ (0.6 ng/l) were detected in 20.9% of the samples from Greece. Total PFAS concentrations ranged(More)
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