Emmanouela Vouza

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The case of a 20-year-old pregnant woman with a history of one previous cesarean section (CS) who developed a tumorous mass in the area of the CS scar is presented. The clinical diagnosis of endometriosis or fibromatosis was made but the histologic findings were confusing and the pathological diagnosis of an inflammatory type of liposarcoma was made. The(More)
Granular cell tumour (GCT), also known as Abrikossoff tumour, is an uncommon neoplasm, probably of neural origin derived from Schwann cells. It usually presents as a subcutaneous solitary asymptomatic nodule. It has been the subject of much debate in the literature concerning the tumour origin and the association with other malignancies. We report a case of(More)
All patients with virilization signs, increased levels of androgen hormones and rapidly progressive hirsutism should be evaluated for an androgen-producing tumor. The ovarian origin of virilization can be suspected by the presence of elevated levels of circulating androgens, with normal levels of cortisol metabolites and a negative dexamethasone suppression(More)
Histopathological findings of Mönckeberg's sclerosis in the thyroid vessels of three female patients are described. Two of the patients presented with papillary carcinoma and the third presented with two cystic adenomatous nodules. Lesions of chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis were observed in two of the cases. The presence of Mönckeberg's sclerosis is an(More)
We present the clinicopathological findings of a rare case of a monodermal teratoma of the right ovary with functional ovarian stroma and extensive decidualization in a 74-year-old woman. The patient presented with vaginal bleeding. Ultrasound scan revealed a pelvic mass measuring 9.5 cm in the lower right abdomen. A right oophorectomy was performed. The(More)
Angiomyofibroblastoma is a rare benign distinctive mesenchymal tumor that occurs in the genital pelviperineal region, commonly the vulva and vagina. We report a case of angiomyofibroblastoma in a 42-year-old woman, presenting as a "cystic mass" located subcutaneously in the right labial area of the vulva. Recognition of this entity is based on specific(More)
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