Emmanouel Vaidakis

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We present two cases of biopsy proven tuberculosis of the pancreas in non-immunocompromised patients diagnosed and treated in our unit within the last 14 years. The first case presented with abdominal pain and fever, and the second with iron deficiency anaemia and severe weight loss. In both cases abdominal ultrasound and computed tomography suggested a(More)
INTRODUCTION Kawasaki disease is an acute necrotising vasculitis of the medium- and small-sized vessels, occurring mainly in Japanese and Korean babies and children, aged 6 months to 5 years. Its main complication is damage of coronary arteries, which has the potential to be fatal. Here we report a rare case of Kawasaki disease that occurred in a(More)
Globin chain synthesis was studied in reticulocytes and bone marrow erythroid precursors in four sickle beta-thalassaemic Greek patients. Significant globin chain imbalance was found in reticulocytes (alpha/gamma + beta A + beta S = 2.20 +/- SD 0.16) and bone marrow (alpha/gamma + beta A + beta S = 1.58 +/- SD 0.11) after two hours' incubation. There was(More)
The proteolytic degradation of labelled pyromycyl polypeptides was investigated in human intact erythroid cells derived from the bone marrow of eight non-thalassaemic patients and the peripheral blood of eleven thalassaemics (eight splenectomized beta thalassaemia heterozygotes and three sickle-cell beta thalassaemics). These abnormal polypeptides are(More)
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