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Audio games as educational tools: Design principles and examples
This paper will first discuss existing approaches to organizing the sonic content of an AG, and propose a methodology for designing an AG for educational purposes, and a case-study consisting of the development of two educational AGs related to the issue of noise will be demonstrated.
Audio Legends: Investigating Sonic Interaction in an Augmented Reality Audio Game
It is suggested that gestural activity with a handheld device can realize complex modes of sonic interaction in the augmented environment, resulting in an enhanced immersive game experience.
A classification of audio-based games in terms of sonic gameplay and the introduction of the audio-role-playing-game: Kronos
This paper examines the use of sound in designing and structuring the gameplay of Audio-Based games and suggests how a game can be merged with an instrument on an educational basis.
Educational audio game design: sonification of the curriculum through a role-playing scenario in the audio game 'Kronos'
A novel educational AG entitled Kronos is presented that implements a role-playing scenario to facilitate the sonification of the relevant curriculum and to create an educational platform that combines an audio-based gaming environment with a musical instrument.
Bridging Audio and Augmented Reality towards a new Generation of Serious Audio‑only Games
It is suggested that audio games can be designed and implemented for the delivery of targeted curricula through an engaging learning experience, whereas fusing audio game mechanics into new interactive technologies, such as augmented reality environments, will further enhance the students’ immersiveness in the learning process.
Adaptive Audio Mixing for Enhancing Immersion in Augmented Reality Audio Games
The purpose of the new design was to aid sound localization, which is a crucial and demanding factor for delivering an immersive acoustic experience, and a substantial increase of 55 percent in accuracy compared to the legacy ARA mix model.
This paper introduces the work-in-progress AstroSonic, an educational audio-only game on the subject of Astronomy that aims to investigate the efficiency of applying game mechanics on non-speech
Prediction and Controlling of Auditory Perception in Augmented Environments. A Loudness-Based Dynamic Mixing Technique
At the core of augmented reality audio (ARA) technology lies the ARA mix, a process responsible for the assignment of a virtual environment to a real one. Legacy ARA mix models have focused on the